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Developing an early athletic foundation gives youth the proper tools to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Classes and lessons will be a great intro to pickleball for young athletes wanting to learn more about the game!

Youth Pickleball Class

Youth Pickleball Class is a great way for a young athlete to learn a life sport! Classes have a fun atmosphere with a focus on stroke mechanics and body placement. 


All your young athlete needs is to wear tennis shoes and athletic clothes. If you have a paddle, great! If not, we have plenty to borrow!

Tuesday Session

4 weeks

4:30-6pm Tuesday evenings

Friday Session

3 weeks

4:30-6pm Friday evenings

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Pickleball Class

   Session                    Member                  Non-member

   Tuesday (4wks)           $120                          $140

   Friday (3wks)              $90                            $105

   Day Pass                     $35                              $40

Email Sidney Elofson at to sign up for a class.

Youth Pickleball Lessons

Lessons run all year and are great for more individualized coaching outside of classes. Specialized lessons plans are created to help a young athlete reach their full potential. The Picklebarn offers half hour or hour long lessons in a private, semi-private, Pro + 3, or group format. 

Private Pickleball Lessons

   Lesson                    Member                  Non-member

   30 min                      $27.50                             $31.50

   60 min                       $55                                 $63

30 Minute Group Pickleball Lessons

   Lesson                    Member                   Non-member

   2 players                  $13.75                              $15.75

   3 players                  $10                                  $11

   4+ Players                $8                                    $8.50

   Lesson                    Member                   Non-member

   2 players                  $27.50                             $31.50

   3 players                  $20                                  $23

   4+ Players                $16                                   $18

60 Minute Group Pickleball Lessons

Email Sidney Elofson at to sign up for a lesson.

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