How Membership Benefits You

Member Benefits

  • Make back your membership quickly with member discounts

  • Members save on every court rental

  • Members can reserve a court one week earlier than non-members

  • Members can register for all drills, clinics, and classes two weeks before non-members

  • Members receive additional discounts on Early Bird and drop in court rentals

  • Members may cancel a court reservation up to 24 hours in advance with no charge

  • Members have the ability to buy a permanent locker for the membership length

  • Member discount days throughout the year!

  • Preorder memberships will also receive a Picklebarn T-shirt!

The Picklebarn has been approved for Active & Fit, Silver & Fit, and Silver Sneakers to help with membership cost!  Call for more information. 

Pro Pickler

  • 14-day early booking 






  • 7-day early booking 

  • Save $3 per hour court rental

  • Court Rate:

    • Off Peak: $4/player/hour (doubles play)​

    • Peak: $7/player/hour (doubles play)

  • Save $4 on Drop-in and Early Bird

  • Priority league, clinic, and non-sanction tournament sign up



  • 3-day early booking

  • Regular Court Rates Apply

  • Court Rate:

    • Off Peak: $7/player/hour (doubles play) 

    • Peak: $10/player/hour (doubles play) 

Thank you to our Founding Members

Blake & JoEllen Dirks Family

Andy & Jess Elofson Family

Marci & Mike Skrove Family

Beth Amlie