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Fitness Training

Personal Training

Take a step closer to living an active and healthy life by investing in your body. Gain insight on how to train your body safely and effectively with one of our personal trainers. Proper strength training mixed with prehab exercises will help keep you feeling good on the pickleball court and in life! 

30 min................$25 member/$28 non-member
45 min................$37 member/$42 non-member
60min.................$50 member/$55 non-member


*Save 5% when you buy a package of 5 or 10% when you buy a package of 10!

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Small Group Training

Stay motivated with an encouraging group to keep you accountable. Small group classes are a great way to get instruction while splitting cost with others in your group. Small group class sizes are 2 or 3 individuals. 

30 min................$25 or $28/Class #
45 min................$37 or $42/Class #
60min.................$50 or $55/Class #

*Save 5% when you buy a package of 5 or 10% when you buy a package of 10!

Meet your Trainer

Hello! My name is Sidney Elofson and I am a certified performance specialist. I would love to help you reach your fitness and health goals! 



MS in Exercise Physiology

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

International Coaches Institute Certified Competitive Coach 

International Coaches Institute Certified Professional Coach

Training Options 

 In person training | virtual training | classes | specialized programs


My Story

My passions have always surrounded athletics. In high school I tore my ACL and had to sit out of a full season of basketball. I hated it. The injury itself was fine but watching games instead of playing them was devastating. The doctor told me one of the contributing factors to why I tore my ACL was due to my quads being disproportionately strong to my posterior muscles like my hamstrings. This is pretty common in younger female athletes and this is when my passion for strength training started to grow. I wanted to prevent athletes from going through what I did. 

Fast forward through high school I went on to play tennis at Gustavus Adolphus College getting my BS in Exercise Physiology. After college I decided I wanted to further my education at Minnesota State University, Mankato getting my Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. While getting my masters, I worked as an assistant tennis coach at Gustavus and a strength and conditioning coach for a few of the teams. I also spent a summer down in Florida working at Sanchez Casal Tennis Academy with their strength and conditioning department. I was able to work with all levels of athletes in practically every sport. Spending time with such incredible talent was so inspiring and pushed me to learn more. 

After graduating from MNSU I worked at the Rochester athletic Club for about three years where I was able to work with all different types of clients. I worked with clients training for athletics, weight loss, lowering health risk, rehab, prehab, mind body coordination, and much more. I loved working here but knew it was time to start my new adventure with you!

The human body is absolutely incredible. Everyone has different health and fitness concerns. I am here to help you set reachable goals and enjoy the process along the way! 

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