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Sponsor the Picklebarn

 We have one area of the Picklebarn that we need your help to complete! We are excited about this possibility! We are so grateful for your help! 

Private Sponsor Opportunities 

Preorder One-Year Picklebarn Membership

Member Benefits;

  • Make back your membership quickly with member discounts

  • Members save on every court rental

  • Members can reserve a court one week earlier than non-members

  • Members can register for all drills, clinics, and classes one week before non-members

  • Members receive additional discounts on Early Bird and drop-in costs

  • Members may cancel a court reservation up to 24 hours in advance with no charge

  • Members have the ability to buy a permanent locker for the membership length

  • Member discount days/events throughout the year!

      Preorder memberships will also receive a Picklebarn T-shirt!

1-year Picklebarn Individual Membership: $420

1-year Picklebarn Family Membership (2+): $750

Preorder Individual Membership Checkout


Preorder Family Membership Checkout


150 Founding Members

Thank you to our Founding Members!

Benefits of being a founding member;

  • Two-year Picklebarn membership (value of $840 individual/$1500 family)

  • All regular member benefits

  • Picklebarn Founders Hat

  • Invitation to our soft opening/early access

  • Founders Special Event!

  • Free Locker for the two-year membership length (if requested)

  • Name Engraved on Founders Metal Display and website

Individual Founding Member Contribution: $1,250

Family Founding Membership Contribution: $2,000

Individual Founding Membership Checkout


Family Founding Membership Checkout


Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the Picklebarn by sponsoring one of these additions to the facility. The name of the sponsor will be placed on the item purchased.

  • Indoor pickleball court naming rights: $10,000 for life or $5,000/3 years

  • Flagpole Sponsor: $2,000 DONATED

Donation Level: Name of individual or family will be engraved on metal display at the Picklebarn. 

  • Gold Medal: $1,000+ 

  • Silver Medal: $500+ 

  • Bronze Medal: $250+

Preorder Membership Checkout


Clay Tennis Court Sponsor

We are looking for one or two clay tennis court sponsors! We would LOVE to continue our first passion of tennis with the city of Mankato! We believe this would be a huge benefit to the community and to the development of tennis in the Mankato Area. 

Interested in becoming a clay tennis court sponsor? Contact for more info!

Corporate Sponsor

Sponsoring the Picklebarn is so much more than a way to reach your target audience. It is a way to directly impact the Mankato community for the better. We truly believe this can be a positive light in the Mankato Area. When you choose to support the Picklebarn, you are also choosing to support and promote:

  • A healthy and active lifestyle 

  • Improved mental health for youth and adults

  • Multi-generational sport that families can enjoy together

  • A family-friendly business and environment

  • A community that helps support local businesses

  • A safe and healthy way for students to socialize

  • Life lessons taught through sports

  • Corporate and youth team building events

  • A sport that is recently exploding in popularity

  • The many outreach programs the Picklebarn will be pursuing

We love our corporate sponsors and promote them as much as we can! It will be great exposure for your business or company!

Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor? Contact for more info!

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